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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in food and water. It is also present in many toothpastes and mouthwashes. However, some people may need additional fluoride treatments to get enough of the mineral to prevent tooth decay.  

At Herrera Family Dental, we perform fluoride application as a preventive dental treatment that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. The dentist in Las Vegas, NV, will apply the fluoride directly to your teeth as a gel, foam, or varnish. Applying the fluoride takes a few minutes, and it’s painless. The gel or varnish is left on your teeth for several minutes and then rinsed off. After the treatment, you should avoid eating or drinking anything for at least half an hour so that the fluoride can do its job.  

Children and adults with a high risk of cavities can benefit most from topical fluoride applications. This includes people with poor oral hygiene habits, a history of frequent cavities, and those who wear braces or other orthodontic appliances. 


How Often Should One Receive a Fluoride Treatment?

A fluoride treatment is a dental treatment that can help prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is typically done twice a year, but your dentist may recommend it more often if you are at a high risk of getting cavities or gum disease.  

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fortifying Tooth Enamel

Fluoride treatments work by fortifying the tooth's outermost layer — the enamel. This layer acts as a shield against the barrage of acids and sugars that are encountered through daily eating and drinking.  

Enamel demineralization occurs when these acids erode the tooth surface, potentially leading to cavities. Fluoride is a hero, aiding in the remineralization process, where essential minerals like calcium and phosphate are replenished, making the enamel more resistant to decay.

Shielding Against Cavities

Most individuals choose fluoride treatments in Las Vegas, NV, primarily because of their exceptional ability to thwart cavities. Cavities, also known as dental caries, are essentially holes in the teeth caused by bacterial activity and enamel erosion. Regular fluoride exposure reinforces the enamel's defenses, creating a barrier that makes it significantly more challenging for bacteria to infiltrate and develop cavities.

Amplifying the Efficacy of Oral Hygiene Practices

While brushing and flossing are fundamental to oral hygiene, fluoride treatments act as an invaluable ally. They elevate the effectiveness of your dental routine by adding an extra layer of protection beyond mechanical cleaning. Combining good oral hygiene practices with fluoride treatments creates a formidable defense against oral health issues.

Fluoride treatments are a valuable tool in the fight against tooth decay and in promoting strong, healthy teeth. Consider getting a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from tooth decay and cavities. To learn more about fluoride treatments, visit Herrera Family Dental at 1300 S Lamb Blvd #400, Las Vegas, NV 89104, or call (702) 780-7660.


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