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Oral Cancer Screenings 

Oral cancer, also known as mouth or oral cavity cancer, is a type of cancer that develops in the tissues of the mouth or throat. It can occur in various parts of the oral cavity, including the lips, tongue, gums, inner lining of the cheeks, roof of the mouth, and floor. Like all cancers, early detection and treatment are crucial for a successful outcome.  

An oral cancer screening in Las Vegas, NV, is a routine dental procedure that helps to detect any signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer screening uses various methods, including visual exams, palpation, and X-rays. Oral cancer screenings, or oral cancer exams, are essential to your regular dental checkup.  

At Herrera Family Dental, our dentist will perform an oral cancer screening during your routine dental exam to look for signs of precancerous conditions or cancerous cells in your mouth. The earlier your dentist finds any abnormalities, the easier it will be to treat them. 


The Causes of Oral Cancer

Various factors, including tobacco use, alcohol consumption, poor diet, excessive sun exposure, HPV infection, and genetics, cause oral cancer. If you smoke or use tobacco products, you are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Excessive alcohol use can also increase your risk. In addition, a diet high in sugar and processed foods can increase your risk of developing the disease. Finally, people with a family history of oral cancer are also at a higher risk.

The Procedure for Oral Cancer Screening

Most dentists recommend having an oral cancer screening at least once a year. However, you may need to be screened more often if you have certain risk factors. Risk factors include smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, chewing tobacco, and having a family history of oral cancer.

Early detection of oral cancer is crucial because the sooner it is caught, the better the chances of successful treatment. If oral cancer is caught in its early stages, it can be treated more efficiently and successfully. On the other hand, if it goes undetected for too long, it can spread to other parts of your body and become much more challenging to treat. 

Our dentist in Las Vegas, NV, will thoroughly examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer during your regular checkup. This examination includes looking for red or white patches in your mouth or lips and sores that bleed easily and don’t heal properly. Your dentist will also check your neck, throat, tongue, cheeks, and gums for lumps or other abnormalities. If you have oral cancer, your dentist will recommend a treatment plan based on the severity of your condition. Treatment may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of these. 

Oral cancer is serious, but knowledge and proactive measures can make a significant difference. For the best dental care, visit Herrera Family Dental at 1300 S Lamb Blvd #400, Las Vegas, NV 89104, or call (702) 780-7660. Early detection and prevention are crucial to maintaining well-being and ensuring a brighter, healthier future.


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